So named because early residents thought the topography resembled a volcanic crater, this little Amador County town northeast of Jackson began as a mining town and once boasted the area's first public library, private law school library and once had an astronomical observation site. At one time there were three dozen saloons, 17 hotels and three breweries. Hydraulic mining operations began here in 1855. Chaw'se (Indian Grinding Rock) and Daffodil Hill are close by.

Today visitors will find several interesting buildings, including an old jail, a brewery dating from 1856, the Lavezzo building, the magnificent three-story St. George Hotel, and more. A general store called The Country Store, has operated here continuously since 1852. Old Abe is here, too; this cannon was used during the Civil War to squelch a potential Confederate uprising, which could have resulted in gold going to support the Confederate cause. According to the story, Union supporters gathered round river rocks; however, they didn't have to use the cannon, as its mere presence was enough to discourage the Confederate supporters.

The Volcano Theatre Company features several major plays each year.

Daffodil Hill, three miles north of Volcano, blooms with thousands of blossoms every spring at a pioneer homestead known as the McLaughlin Ranch. Descendants of the original settlers tend the bulbs, and the gardens are visited by thousands of people annually. Daffodil Hill is open only during the blooming season, farom mid March to early April. Donations are accepted.

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