Fed by snowmelt from the high Sierra Nevada mountains, some of the world's most beautiful rivers course westward. Some 30 rivers attract hundreds of thousands of thrill-seekers, with many stretches of water rating Class V (difficult and dangerous)

The South Fork of the American River is the West's most popular whitewater rafting river—for good reason. Upstream dams regulate a great flow of beautiful clear water throughout the summer, and the river is just tame enough to be a favorite for families and wild enough for thrills and chills you'll never forget. Rapids like Troublemaker and Satan's Cesspool deserve their names. Dozens of commercial rafting companies offer everything from budget mid-week half-day trips to weekend adventures complete with great food and entertainment.

For rafters and kayakers looking for more of a challenge, the Middle and North Forks of the American offer plenty of excitement and Class V whitewater. Both forks of the river pass through the Auburn State Recreation Area.

Further south, the Merced, King, Tuolumne and Stanislaus rivers all offer world-class adventures.




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