Whether your tastes run to classical, jazz or foot-stompin’ bluegrass, you’ll find music here in quantity. Jazz festivals, fiddle contests and community concerts attract enthusiastic audiences. Several huge festivals attract thousands of music lovers from all over the West.

KVMR. This home-grown community-supported radio station in Nevada City features an eclectic mix of music and commentary. Listen to the station live on the Internet!

Music in the Mountains, in Nevada City, offers an aural feast of classical music.

The CBA Father's Day Bluegrass Festival in Grass Valley is one of the largest in the West, attracting thousands of bluegrass aficionados.

One of the biggest festivals in the region, the Strawberry Music Festival, takes place each Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend. Staged in a beautiful setting at Camp Mather, near Yosemite, this festival features nationally known musicians, mostly in the acoustic genre.

The Sierra Songwriters' Festival takes place at the end of July at the Mothyer Lode Fairgrounds on Highway 49 in Sonora.

The American River Folk Society brings acoustic music to El Dorado County.

In Calaveras County, the Calaveras Arts Council presents a series of free "Music in the Parks" concerts weekly during summer evenings.

Head to Rough and Ready from 10 to noon on Sundays for an old-time music jam session and singalong at the Opry Palace, a converted gas station. Playing acoustic instruments, the Fruit Jar Pickers lead the way, often with 100 to 200 participants, including many international visitors.

Grammy Award winner and northern California resident Laurie Lewis regularly appears at music venues in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Maybe it's the air. Or perhaps it's the beauty of the region that inspires so many musicians. But the long list of talented musicians who call the Sierra Nevada foothills their home is truly mind-boggling. We'll add more names as time goes on. Send us your suggestions!

In Nevada County, there are folks like raconteur Utah Philips, who's recorded many CDs and recently has recorded with Ani deFranco. His pal Bodie Wagner regularly performs at local and larger venues. "Country Joe" McDonald, once leader singer of Country Joe and the Fish, featured at the 1969 Woodstock festival lives here as well.

El Dorado County features David Blonski, who has been heard on the nationally syndicated National Public Radio program, "Hearts of Space." Neighbor Keith Little, currently living in the Bay Area, was a member of the bluegrass band Country Gentlemen and for years played with Ricky Skaggs. He's just released his first solo CD. Ray Park was one of the region's legendary fiddlers.

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