Horses are a big part of life in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Many prosperous horse ranches are located here. Equestrian trails beckon riders.The Tevis Cup Endurance Ride, sponsored by the Western States Trail Foundation, covers rugged country between Auburn and the high Sierras. Riders negotiate 100 miles in one day.Backcountry Horsemen. A non-profit organization made up of individuals from throughout the state who are dedicated to conserving backcountry wilderness and protecting stock users' historic use of wilderness trails and
forage. BCHC is made up of over 20 local units throughout the state and is a member of the Backcountry Horsemen of America. The BCHA provides a central organization which works with public land administrators on issues pertinent to public use of the backcountry and specifically to stock use in these areas.
Many local equestrians enjoy participating in historical reenactments and parades. This horseman dressed for the part at a reenactment in Coloma.
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