California's mild climate makes for great gardening. However, in the foothills, gardeners also face challenges, such as hot, dry summers not always appropriate for every variety of plant. Frost is common in the winter, even at lower elevations.

But some plants do thrive. Several iris and daylily farms attract visitors from all over northern California. Fruit trees thrive here, as do hot-weather vegetables such as tomatoes, melons and peppers.

U.C. Cooperative Extension Service addresses

Enjoy roses? Then the Sierra Foothills Rose Society, based in Citrus Heights, east of Sacramento, has lots of information and support.

Wildflower devotees will enjoy this wildflower page, designed for South Yuba River State Park. However, many of the flowers described and photographed here are found throughout the Sierra Nevada foothills.

What to do with that abundant summer harvest? The Master Gardeners can help.
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