Although fast-growing Folsom, a city east of Sacramento, California, occupies an eminent position these days as the R&D headquarters for Intel along with a host of other high-tech industries, it also boasts of a rich Gold Rush heritage. Here, at Negro Bar on the American River, African-Americans found wealth in the early days of the Gold Rush. Nearby Mormon Bar, now under the waters of Folsom Reservoir, was one of the first mining camps of the Gold Rush, after Coloma, the gold discovery site. Folsom was also the site of the first hydroelectric plant west of the Missisippi and was pivotal in early railroad history. Sutter Street, in oldtown Folsom, features dozens of antique and specialty shops. Huge Folsom Reservoir just east of the town features boating and other recreational opportunities.

Historic Oldtown Folsom

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During the winter holidays, Folsom's Sutter Street glows with lights. This was taken before the recent remodeling of Sutter Street and the removal of the central median.
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