(95603; post office boxes: 95604)

Located along Interstate 80, Auburn was one of the first towns to be established during the California Gold Rush. Claude Chana found gold here on May 16, 1848 and later went on to start the local fruit industry. A huge statue near the entrance to oldtown Auburn immortalizes Chana.

Today, this thriving foothill community is the county seat for Placer County. Straddling Interstate 80, Auburn features plenty of history along with a great quality of life. Here, visitors will find Oldtown Auburn, which dates from 1848, and a "newer" section of town, which goes back maybe a hundred years. Both sections of the city feature many enticing shops, galleries, antique stores and restaurants. The nearby County Courthouse, a striking architectural landmark, houses the Placer County Museum.

In the 1860s, construction of the trans-continental railroad took place. Auburn is right along this famous route. Here the Central Pacific Railroad first augmented its work forces with Chinese laborers.

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Oldtown Auburn was featured in the film, Phenomenon, starring John Travolta.
The imposing Placer County Courthouse overlooks Oldtown Auburn.
This Paul Bunyan-sized statue of Claude Chana greets visitors as they exit Interstate 80 and enter Oldtown Auburn. Chana was working for John Sutter when James Marshall discovered gold in Coloma. Chana headed for Coloma, tested the dirt in a small ravine north of Coloma and so Auburn came to be in 1848.
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